We know teachers are all about STEM products and educational toys. With so many products on the market, even our educators find choosing the perfect educational toy for their classrooms challenging. After all, it’s difficult to find a product that has checks in all the right boxes: promotes development, teaches a combination of science, technology, engineering and mathematics – not to mention is fun and engaging. Read a recent post from this teacher’s perspective:

“I have had a set of Smarty Pants Builder’s Club magnetic tiles in my classroom for about 6 months and I have to say, they are still the hot item that all of the children want to play with. They are a toy that you can be sure will add educational value to children’s play. Whether they are playing and investigating independently, or as part of a small group instructional activity these toys have been indispensable. Not only do they provide children with opportunities to explore basic geometric patterns and colors, we have also used these toys to explore other concepts such as symmetry, patterning and visual spatial reasoning. The best thing about them is that they have withstood a lot of children handling them. We have not had to replace a single piece. I have been over-the-top happy with this product!”

Danielle Whitehouse
Certified Elementary Teacher PreK – 6 th grade
Currently teaching PreK classroom
Mom of 5

Have you tried Smarty Pants Builder’s Club magnetic tile kits? If so, we want to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment below.

Super Smarty Pants Star of the Month


Abigail O. – AGE 6

My House in the future:

I built this house for me and my family to live in when we are in the future. We will be riding rockets to school, so the roof opens up. I also have a balcony outside of my bedroom window so I can watch my dogs Penny and Brody play outside in the yard. I also want to have a kitty cat named Mittens in the future.