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After becoming so fed up with my sons’ obsession with electronics, I was determined to find something that could keep him entertained that did not involve a screen, remote control or headphones. A friend recommended a magnetic tile play set, so I tried it out. My son absolutely loved it from the very beginning. He was building, creating and mesmerized by the colors, shapes and magnetic connections of these little tiles. He brought them to restaurants, playdates, family vacations, everywhere…he loved these magnetic tiles.

I was thrilled until one day when some of the pieces split apart and the magnets fell out. My friend’s 9-month-old daughter was visiting at the time and picked one of the magnets up and put it into her mouth. My friend quickly scooped up her daughter and pried the little magnet out of her mouth. We were both absolutely terrified and relieved at the same time.  I studied the tiles closer and realized that they had been glued together and did not seem very sturdy and chances are more tiles would fall apart. I loved the fact that my son enjoyed this toy so much but hated the fact that they didn’t seem safe to me.

So, that is when my mission began. I researched other magnetic tiles on the market and found that there are some brands that have the tiles attached by safety rivets to prevent magnet fall out. This was definitely a higher quality product that seemed like a no-brainer to move toward – until I saw the price. It was double the price of the set I had originally purchased! I am all about safety and high quality, but the new set was way out of my price range.

This was my “Ah ha!” moment. I made it my mission to develop a safe, high quality magnetic tile set that was affordable. After reaching out to multiple suppliers, I was able to find one that had all of the safety features I was looking for, without the hefty price tag. And so, Smarty Pants Builder’s Club was born.

When my kids say or do something that I think is clever, I always say, “Well, aren’t you a Smarty Pants?!” They helped me come up with the name as they are the original Smarty Pants in my life. They were also the ones who recommended that I add a backpack to the set, because there was always an opportunity to bring the tiles somewhere and we were always scrambling to find a container to put them in that was easily transportable.

Sometimes the best ideas come right from the children. I am inspired by my two little Smarty Pants, Aiden and Liam, every day. I hope this experience will help my kids to better cope when problems or challenges come their way. Instead of dwelling on and complaining about a problem, look to find a solution to make it better.

Super Smarty Pants Star of the Month


Abigail O. – AGE 6

My House in the future:

I built this house for me and my family to live in when we are in the future. We will be riding rockets to school, so the roof opens up. I also have a balcony outside of my bedroom window so I can watch my dogs Penny and Brody play outside in the yard. I also want to have a kitty cat named Mittens in the future.