About Us

Our Mission

Our core mission is to spark children’s learning through play. Smarty Pants Builder’s Club provides hands-on learning experiences through a collection of STEM toys such as our magnetic tile building kits. Our toys are specifically designed to keep children fully engaged and entertained while developing their skills and interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The Smarty Pants Builder’s Club sets are loaded with fun and captivating products that are focused on these subject areas.

STEM Toys.
The Building Blocks of your Child’s Education

Educate your children with the help of our STEM Toys and let them excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Our STEM toys will prove to be an excellent source of learning and provide a solid foundation for your child’s education.

Our innovation and design provide your child with the knowledge of pattern recognition, symmetry, shapes and colors, building skills, exceptional motor skills, stacking, sorting, and magnetic principles.

Developing skills

With the blend of learning and fun, our magnetic building blocks involve “hands-on” practice, allowing your child to play creatively while thinking critically and establishing their skills.

Each tile has magnets along its edges allowing the tiles to attract on all sides. Expand your ability to build an unlimited combination of pyramids, cubes, and geometric shapes.

Our primary focus while designing the product is to provide right-side brain exercise and inventive stimulus through fun construction while  teaching spatial relationships through an innovative building.

Getting ready for the future

The voyage into a long-lasting love and affection for play and technology begins here. Some of the fastest developing professions today require skills from STEM fields. Our STEM toys are designed to help children build long term skills that will help to prepare them for wherever their future leads. The best part is that they will be having so much fun playing, they  won’t even realize they are learning. If a child can associate learning with fun, they are more likely to engage more actively in a classroom  environment.

Super Smarty Pants Star of the Month


Abigail O. – AGE 6

My House in the future:

I built this house for me and my family to live in when we are in the future. We will be riding rockets to school, so the roof opens up. I also have a balcony outside of my bedroom window so I can watch my dogs Penny and Brody play outside in the yard. I also want to have a kitty cat named Mittens in the future.